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The Labor Agreement Permits Staff Reductions Through

” (V) Assistance to businesses that have difficulty negotiating wages and benefits. For companies affected by the epidemic, which is causing production and management difficulties, we encourage them to negotiate with their workers through democratic procedures in order to stabilize jobs through wage adjustment, job rotation and resignations, reduced working hours and other means; For companies that are temporarily unable to pay wages, we should get them to negotiate with unions or workers` representatives to delay payment and help them reduce capital pressure. C) 应该是非制从句制问饰发歧制但是B) 是 a 理吗 agreement? Unions are free to negotiate collective agreements at the provincial, regional and national levels. Trade union security clauses, such as trade unions, closed shops, etc., are unknown to the Italian legal system. Under section 17 of Act 936/86, which reorganized the National Council for Economics and Labour (CNEL), collective agreements and agreements must be registered with the CNEL within 30 days of their conclusion. The so-called economic agreements are agreements that cover certain categories of self-employed workers (i.e. commercial agents, some doctors working for the National Health Service, etc., also known as lavoratori parasubordinati). The legislative branch consists of two chambers, namely the Senato (315 seats) and the Camera (630 seats), without any distinction of significant competence. Moreover, anyone who has been President of the Republic is a senator by law and alive, unless he renounces the appointment. In addition, the President of the Republic may appoint for life five citizens who have honoured the homeland with their exceptional qualities in the social, scientific, artistic and literary fields (Article 59 of the Constitution). The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic are elected for five years. The “Workforce Sharing” does not change the working relationship between the original employer and the workers.

The original employer should continue to protect the fundamental rights and interests of seconded workers and ask the new employer to provide workers with adequate protection and regulation of work schedules and tasks to ensure the physical and mental health of the worker. Companies that have established this type of cooperation can enter into a civil law agreement to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. According to the case law, a number of measures taken by employers are considered anti-union behaviour and are therefore prohibited. This includes laying off striking workers; hiring third parties to replace striking workers; retaliatory measures against workers who carry out legal strike action; Lack of information from unions on issues settled by collective agreements; direct negotiations with workers bypassing trade unions; Violation of trade union rights established by law, for example. B not to reserve space for union meetings inside the factory; not to allow the union to have a board of directors that publishes union information, encroaches on union proselytism, etc. E错,为面 是 而 is面… 却是 special leave (with or without pay) or unpaid absences are granted to workers through collective agreements at important family events. Under Italian law, there is no legal minimum wage. Nevertheless, most workers are effectively covered by a minimum wage contract established by collective bargaining (see item 13). On request, judges may also set a minimum wage, which would only be mandatory for parties to an individual employment contract. During compulsory maternity leave, the mother is entitled to 80% of her normal salary through social security and the period is counted as actual working time. Collective agreements generally require the employer to compensate for the difference from the normal salary.

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