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Collective Agreement U Of M

Despite UMFA`s calls for binding arbitration by third parties, an agreement was reached on Sunday through mediation. The agreement has yet to be ratified by UMFA members. UMFA members will vote this week on the ratification of this agreement. U-M has collective agreements with various labor organizations representing selected employees who perform certain roles on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint, and Michigan Medicine campuses. These collaborators perform tasks that are essential to the university`s teaching, research and patient care tasks. These include nurses, police officers, phD instructors, artisans and more. The deal offered by the U of M includes a one-time $1950 COVID-19 scholarship and a zero percent salary increase, in line with provincial requirements. UMFA also reserves the right to take legal action against the effects of the unconstitutional law on the sustainability of public services and to guarantee wage discussions during negotiations on the upcoming collective agreement. In a press release, UMFA President Michael Shaw said: “Prime Minister [Brian] Pallister and his government continue to interfere in collective bargaining.” This agreement is far from the initial request of the UMFA, which called for “a fairer salary grid, a modest increase in salaries for the year 2020-21 and additional help during the pandemic for people with dependent missions”.

By Amira Tekle Photo by Anthony Nardella November 16, 2020 The electronic copy of the collective agreement was provided for simplicity only. It is not an official copy. The printed collective agreement is the legal document relating to the negotiated terms and conditions of employment of all UMFA members. To request a hard copy, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. To display, JavaScript must be enabled! Registration of excluded directors and members of the Adobe Reader Board of Governors is required to review the collective agreement. Plain language items can be provided upon request. rights, obligations and duties of the faculty; discipline; For information on the Employment Organization (GEO) and the Readings for Employment Organization (LEO), see Academic Human Resources. . In a statement, michael Benarroch, president of the U-of-M, said: “We are grateful that students can continue their courses and academic activities.” “Instead of investing in post-secondary education, because enrolment is increasing and Manitobans are looking for ways to retrain, Pallister is using the pandemic as a pretext to undermine public education and public sector unions.” For our faculty, we appreciate and respect you as indispensable collaborators in our joint mission of advanced research and higher education. We are thrilled that our community is able to teach, learn and research without interruption during the voting process at UM.¬†Discrimination, adequate arrangements and conflict of interest The press release also states that the U of M “refused to negotiate COVID-related facilities for dependent care, despite members` requests for help.” Letter of understanding re: Joint Committee on Metrics. . .

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