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Supplier Development Loan Agreement

In such cases, these credit accounts often result either from the provision of financing by one company to another company, or in circumstances where, for example, one company provides services or sells goods to another company and has no counterparty in a loan account. These credit accounts are often amortized, especially when the Enterprise Development beneficiary is unable to repay the loan. Paragraph 12A of the 8th List represents the capital gains tax equivalent in Section 19. It applies essentially when the contributor to the development of the enterprise has used the loan to acquire an asset held in capital accounts and there is a reduction amount. All small entrepreneurs will say that cash flow is one of their main challenges when they grow their businesses and create jobs. In many cases, SMEs often have to borrow or borrow expensive overdrafts to help them meet their financial obligations at the end of the month, such as salaries, rents, etc. .

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