MCED Award 2016

Award Winners 2016

MCED Award for Innovative Contributions to
Ecological Modelling

We are extremely happy to inform that in 2016 the number of applications increased again and that the quality was extremely high. The jury consisting of the book editors, representatives of the Young Modellers and the President of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ) had a hard time evaluating all applications according to novelty of the approach, contribution to ecology and ecological theory and bridging the gap between science and application. From the high number of very excellent applications dealing with a wide set of modelling approaches and a multitude of research topics the jury finally awarded Jan Kuiper from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology the prize for 2016. The decision was very close.

We cordially congratulate the winners for 2016:

PhDs and Postdocs

1st Prize:
Jan Kuiper, Netherlands Institute of Ecology,
Modelling food web and ecosystem modelling, emphasising changes in trophic interaction strength preceding switches to alternative states

2nd Prize:
Marianna Taffi, University of Camerino, Italy
Coupling food web bioaccumulation models and metabolic models of degrading bacteria


Bachelors and Master students
(the prize was shared)

1st Prize:
Sebastián Block, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Modelling paleo-species distributions fossil discovery

1st Prize:
Sophie Johns, Australian National University, Australia
Modelling disease related benefits of migration