Winfried Kurth

Contributions to MCED

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Prof. Dr. Winfried Kurth
University of Göttingen
Chair for Computer Graphics and Ecological Informatics
Department Ecoinformatics, Biometrics and Forest Growth
37077 Göttingen, Germany


Fields of work
Programming languages for model specification
Functional-structural plant models
Rule-based programming
Visualization and computer graphics

Modelling approaches:
Graph grammars
Multi-paradigm programming languages

Permanent board FSPM (Functional-Structural Plant Modelling)
GI Association for Computer Science Germany
BUND Association for Environment and Nature conservation Germany

Selected Publications:
Reinhard Hemmerling, Ole Kniemeyer, Dirk Lanwert, Winfried Kurth, Gerhard Buck-Sorlin: The rule-based language XL and the modelling environment GroIMP illustrated with simulated tree competition. Functional Plant Biology, 35 (2008), 739-750.

Homepages (for publications and further information):

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