Alejandro Gallego


Oceanography Group Leader, Marine Scotland – Science,
Marine Laboratory, PO Box 101, 375 Victoria Road,
Aberdeen AB11 9DB SCOTLAND

Honorary Lecturer

School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen.
Tillydrone Avenue, Aberdeen AB24 2TZ SCOTLAND


Fields of work

Marine ecology

Zooplankton and ichthyoplankton

Juvenile fish

Growth, mortality and behaviour

Modelling approaches:

Individual-based models

Bio-physical models

Empirical models

Selected References

Gallego A., North EW, Petitgas P, Browman HI (eds.) Theme Section on “Advances in modelling physical-biological interactions in fish early life history”. Marine Ecology Progress Series (2007) 347: 121-306

Heath, M.R., Kunzlik, P.A., Gallego, A., Holmes, S.J. and Wright, P.J. (2008) A model of meta-population dynamics for North Sea and West of Scotland cod-The dynamic consequences of natal fidelity. Fisheries Research 93 (1-2): 92-116

Gallego, A., Mardaljevic, J., Heath, M.R., Hainbucher, D. and Slagstad, D. (1999) A model of the spring migration into the North Sea by Calanus finmarchicus overwintering off the Scottish continental shelf. Fisheries Oceanography 8(suppl.1):107-125

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