Christoph Lange


IT Manager, Biologist, Statistician, Software Developer


Fields of work

Heterogeneous Computer Networks
Applied and Theoretical Statistics

Research Interests:

Biolingustics (dialects in birds)

Experimental Psychology

Cognitive sciences

Modelling approaches:

Non-Parametric Statistics with R

Simulation and rapid prototyping in Tcl/Tk

Selected References

Ernst MO, Lange C and Newell FN (2007) Multisensory Recognition of Actively Explored Objects Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology 61(3) 242-253.

Jopp F., Lange, C. (2007). Improving data interpretation of fragmentary data-sets on invertebrate dispersal with permutation-tests. Acta Oecologica 31: 102-108

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Lange, C. (2006). Disjunktes Auftreten eines Dialektes bei der Mönchsgrasmücke (Sylvia atricapilla). In Vogelwarte, Band 44, p. 64.

Lange C, Klatzky RL and Ernst MO (2004) Bimanual Size Estimation: No Automatic Integration of Information across the Hands In: EuroHaptics 2004, EuroHaptics 2004, 520-523.



Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft (German Ornithologists’ Society)