Guy Pe’er


UFZ – Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research,
Dept. of Conservation Biology, Permoserstr. 15,
04318 Leipzig, Germany

University of the Aegean, Dept. of Environmental Studies,
Biodiversity Conservation Lab, GR-81100 Mytilini, Greece.


Fields of work

Conservation Biology and landscape ecology

Animal movement and dispersal

Linking animal behaviour, population dynamics and biodiversity, especially in human-affected and fragmented landscapes

Modelling approaches:

Individual-based models, main focus on dispersal and connectivity


SCB – Society for Conservation Biology

Lepidopterists‘ Society of Israel

Selected References

Levanoni, O., N. Levin, G. Pe’er, A. Turbé and S. Kark (2010). Can we predict butterfly diversity along an elevation gradient from space? Ecography

Pe’er, G. and J. Settele (2008). Butterflies in and for Conservation: Trends and Prospects. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 54: 7-17. Pe’er, G. and S. Kramer-Schadt (2008) Incorporating the perceptual range of animals into connectivity models. Ecological Modelling 213: 73-85.

Pe’er, G., S. K. Heinz, and K. Frank (2006). Connectivity in heterogeneous landscapes: analyzing the effect of topography. Landscape Ecology 21: 47-61.

Pe’er, G., D. Saltz, and K., Frank (2005). Virtual Corridors for conservation management. Conservation Biology 19: 1997-2003.


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