21: Modelling the Everglades Ecosystem

MCED Chapter 21


Modelling the Everglades Ecosystem


Fred Jopp and Donald L. DeAngelis

Abstract (from the book)

The Everglades represent a delicate ecosystem in Southern Florida and is the largest sub-tropical wetland system in the USA. It provides home for a wide variety of unique biodiversity and wildlife. Due to its vicinity to human settlements, the everglades have been under threat since the beginning of the twentieth century. With the dangers of Global Change on the horizon, this pressure will increase in the near future. The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) is a major environmental restoration effort, which is under way and will profoundly affect the Everglades and its neighbouring ecosystems in southern Florida. In the CERP, ecological modelling plays a central role for science-based decision making. In this paper, we introduce the general strategy of modelling for the purpose of ecosystem restoration. We also present two special modelling frameworks and show how they are being used for ecosystem and population-level modelling to help in the planning and evaluation of Everglades restoration.


  • Everglades Modelling web site: Across Trophic Level  System Simulation (ATLSS)