Søren Nors Nielsen

Contribution to MCED

    • Chap 19 

  • Affiliation

    Associate Professor

    ECO-Soft, Kalagervej 16
    DK-2300 Copenhagen, Denmark



    Fields of work

    Biological thermodynamics – the extension of thermodynamics far from equilibrium conditions. The coupling of biological thermodynamics to the classical, thermodynamic potentials. Sublethal toxicological effects as understood as interference with thermodynamic efficiency are a possible endpoint for tox tests d. modelling of the efficiency of biogeochemical cycles of major elements (CHNOPS). the coupling to theories derived from a network theoretical basis, e.g. network thermodynamics for thermodynamics of hierarchical organised systems. historical and philosophical aspects of implementing thermodynamics on biological systems. extension and implementation of thermodynamics for industrial, production and societal purposes.

    Modelling approaches:

    Thermodynamical Approaches, Ecological Theory.

    Selected References

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